008//Greetings from the studio.


Hello! Things are a bit slow today. I am going through fabric swatches we received for our quilt collection. If your into quilts let me know, these patterns are delicate yet fun! The process is a bit tedious since I have to match up pantone colors in Photoshop and Illustrator until all the pieces look uniform.

Keeping me going, Starbucks green tea and my all time favorite….RICE KRISPIES!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend & a very happy Mothers Day!

♥ Cristina Francisca


2 responses to “008//Greetings from the studio.

  1. I would love a job where I could “go through fabric” all day. Couldn’t do the Photoshop or Illustrator thou. I enjoy reading & seeing about your job.

  2. We want more posts!!! 🙂 what else is going to keep me occupied at work?!?! Come on girl…I am in a daze. 🙂 love you mucho

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