003//Easter Sushi


Happy, not so happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic Easter. I spent mine in a 3hr yoga class, tanning at the beach and eating at my new favorite sushi restaurant SAKETINI. This place is truly a neighborhood gem. They offer a mix of japanese and korean cuisine and $10 lunch and dinner specials. I ALWAYS get the Roll Mania (18 pieces of sushi/10 bucks) and although cheap sushi may be questionable the freshness is evident in every bite. Also, it’s owned by this very attractive asian God Sung Kang. He played Hun in the 2002 movie, Better Luck Tomorrow. So, if your ever in Brentwood do stop by, its delicioso!

Mucho Love, Cristina Francisca


4 responses to “003//Easter Sushi

  1. PS: Not so cute tattoo.

  2. minkcoatsnomanners

    hahaha….oh moms!

  3. yeah sushi is the best. No I’ve never tried a tempura california roll! Sounds interesting though haha. I think there are so many great fusion restaurants in California!

  4. Ok… so jealous of the sushi! Also, I love Amie’s new tattoo.

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